Anxious woman in new paragliding video will remind you of Land Kara De man. Watch


f you have ever watched Vipin Sahu’s paragliding video, you may have felt the same level of anxiety as the ‘anxious woman’. While attempting the feat, she pleaded with her instructor to not let her look down while in the air. The instructor assured her that she would be okay, but not before cracking a joke. Her instructor, Vipin Sahu, referred to a video of a man’s paragliding experience in 2019. The video went viral because of the funny comments of the instructor.

Anxious woman paragliding video

This new paragliding video is making waves on social media and is reminiscent of the popular movie Land Kara De Man. The unidentified woman is accompanied by a paragliding instructor and the entire video shows her getting nervous. The unidentified woman looks terrified the entire time and repeatedly says, “hawa kam karo na” while a pilot tries to calm her down.

The video shows an unidentified woman who is clearly scared and shouting for her instructor to get her to land safely. The instructor tries to divert her attention by telling her to look at the camera. Clearly, this doesn’t work, but the video is quickly gathering views on social media and getting reactions from netizens. You can’t blame the woman.

This is a typical example of the craziness that comes with paragliding. Many people are terrified of flying and might even scream for their instructor to land. It’s no wonder that paragliding videos go viral every year. In 2019, Vipin Sahu’s video went viral and spawned a ton of memes. The video was shared by MV Rao, an IAS officer in the Government of India.

There are several reasons paragliding is a dangerous sport. Some people even scream at their instructors and beg for them to come back to earth. But the latest video of a paragliding flight will make you question whether it is a sport for you! Anxious women on a paragliding video are sure to remind you of Land Kara De man, and this is why.

Height phobia

Anxious woman in new paraglidng video will remind you of Land Kara De Man! Vipin Sahu’s video has gone viral, reminding us of our fear of heights and the ‘LAND KARA DE’ man. Vipin Sahu is a paragliding instructor. You might have seen his video, which was made viral because of the funny comments he made about a woman who’s terrified to fly.

In the video, an unidentified woman appears scared as she attempts to paraglide. A man accompanied by the woman tries to calm her down. In the video, the man tells the woman to “bhaiya, mujhe bohot darr lag rahe hai”, encouraging her to divert her thoughts. But the video also makes us laugh.

Vipin Sahu became a viral sensation after he showed off his bravery by over-coming his fear and going paragliding. Several other videos have followed, with a new one being the latest. Vipin Sahu’s video went viral this year, and was followed by hilarious memes. Vipin’s video even went viral on Twitter, courtesy of IAS officer MV Rao.

Anxious woman in new paraglidng video will remind you of Land Kara De Man, but this one will also make you want to try it yourself! Paragliding is a dangerous sport, and this new video will make you want to take the leap and give it a try! You can also check out Land Kara De Man on YouTube! You’ll be glad you did!

Vipin Sahu

Alia Sharma is the perfect replacement for Jagga Bhai’s role in Land Kara De Man. Alia Sharma’s tenacity and self-assurance were a joy to witness. And her new video will remind you of Land Kara De Man. In fact, Alia’s sassy character will make you think of Jagga Bhai whenever you see it.

A new viral video of a paragliding lesson will remind you of Vipin Sahu’s iconic character, the woman in Land Kara De Man. She appears to be praying to her husband, and the instructor attempts to comfort her. In the video, the woman, who is terrified of heights, asks her instructor to “land, do it!” Vipin Sahu’s fear of flying is evidently palpable.

Alia Bhatt and Vipin Sahu’s latest commercial are making headlines this week. Alia Bhatt’s ad with Vipin Sahu reminds us of Land Kara De Man’s sassy female protagonist. The actress has a great chemistry with Vipin Sahu, so it is no surprise that she was cast in the ad.

In a new video, Vipin Sahu’s anxious woman tries to get the student to focus on the task at hand. The instructor tries to calm her down, but the woman is so terrified she is unable to look up. In fact, she even tells her instructor to “bhaiya” to distract herself from the task at hand.

Vipin Sahu’s paragliding clip

If you’ve watched the famous Land Kara De Man movie, you’ve most likely seen a clip of Vipin Sahu’s paraglidding. It was the famous scene in which the man, petrified mid-air, tells his guide to “land.” The clip has become an Internet meme and has inspired jokes and memes.

While watching Vipin Sahu’s paraglider clip, you may remember the ‘Land Kara De Man’ guy from the show. The man who became a viral sensation has a similar story. He was a guy who got married and then got married to a woman who was pushing him to strive. The woman, meanwhile, had to be pushed to do better.

In 2019, Vipin Sahu became a viral sensation for his hilarious video of paragliding. He’s now the face of a popular chocolate brand, Cadbury Perk, and has teamed up with Alia Bhatt in a new ad. The two went on a paragliding experiment together, and the ad has become a meme, and has become a viral video as well.

One of the most memorable moments in Land Kara De Man came when Vipin Sahu filmed himself while paragliding in Kullu, Himachal. The video also shows an unidentified woman paragliding alongside an instructor. The unidentified woman screamed and was visibly frightened throughout the flight, which drew widespread attention and over 9,000 views.

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