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Giantss City Crushing

Giantss City Crushing is a game where you must destroy buildings and vehicles in order to conquer entire cities. You can also crush and devour civilians to grow your giantess to mega proportions. By crushing and devouring civilians, you can collect materials that will help you customize your giantess. Crushing the cities also allows you to transform the civilians into worshippers and devote their lives to the goddess.


Giantess City is a video game where the player assumes the role of a boy named Makoto, who visits his childhood friend Chieri. The player can shrink himself by using Chieri’s mobile phone, and then defeat different opponents using powerful moves. The realistic game screen opens a whole new battle experience. Throughout the game, players will experience cool fighting action and an interesting storyline.


Giantss games have long fascinated humans, but what are they exactly? The games are essentially a combination of giants and humans, and are incredibly fun to play! Giantss games can be a great way to learn about giantess mythology and lore, and it’s even more fun to play with your friends! Giantss games can be very exciting and will make you feel like a true warrior, and they’re even more enjoyable if you’re an expert!

Fetish clips

Giantess is a fascinating sexual fantasy for many men. Oftentimes, these giantesses terrorize the tiny city below, while others are content with terrorizing giantesses in their wombs. In fetish clips for giantess city crushing games, giantesses are shown stroking or masturbating with small people. However, they can also have a soft personality and be quite violent and dominating.

Although giantess city crushing video game fetish is very popular among macro enthusiasts, it is still a little confusing to people who do not enjoy these videos. BDSM is a better way to understand giantess porn because it focuses on submission and dominance play. As the giantess is always the dominant one, the smaller person is typically the submissive. This is also true in Japanese games like Demolition Girl, which is also an excellent source for giantess porn videos.


The story is about a boy named Makoto who visits his childhood friend Chieri. The boy is shrinking himself using his childhood friend’s smartphone. The game includes elements of fantasy, adventure, mystery, and exploration. With each new update, the narrative becomes more complex. The developers are asking that spoilers be avoided to prevent the story from spoiling the game. The game is centered on Makoto and Chieri’s relationship, which can be explored in the game.

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