How do you spell ‘disastrous?’ Google’s top spelling search for Massachusetts and all 50 states so far in 2021


Google Trends map shows its top searches in the U.S. under “how do you spell…” in 2021.
Google Trends published its top searches in the U.S. under “how do you spell…” in 2021. The map shows states looking up words ranging from four letters to 11-plus.
Massachusetts saw searches for the spelling of the word “disastrous” as the most searched for in 2021.
On June 12, the United States National Spelling Bee started and is now down to the quarterfinals. Google annually releases the most queried words each state looks for just before the competition starts.
Google trends documented Western states, like California, Nevada, and Oregon searching for “Beautiful.” New Jersey and New York also saw the most spelling searches for “Beautiful.”
Surprisingly, Coloradoans most searched for spelling was… “Colorado.”
“Looking at you, Colorado…” stated the tweet by Google Trends.
Floridians looked for the spelling of “teacher,” Oklahoma tellingly searched for “betrayal” and West Virginia looked for “anxious.”
Last year, in the midst of the Pandemic, Google Trends showed that Michigan, Missouri, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts searched for “canceled” and nine states saw the spelling of “quarantine” was most searched for by residents.
Google Trends shows that search interest in its Spell Checker is two and a half times more than Grammar checker from 2004 to 2021 in the U.S.
Google’s Spell Checker and Grammar checker searches.
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