How to watch favorite TV shows and movies without Ads


Whether you try TV or YouTube for watching favorite shows and movies, ads will keep spoiling your interest. It is another reason that people like downloading videos from YouTube to watch them offline. Again, TV channels don’t offer such features. So, you might be struggling to find a better way out. It is because it takes time for the show to be uploaded on YouTube, so you may download it. What is the solution then? This blog post intends to inform you of the solution in an easy way. Let’s begin!

Subscription-based Streaming Services

You know about Netflix, but you might not recognize what the heading refers to. If you stress your mind a little, you may guess that it refers to all platforms like Netflix,, Hulu, etc. Are you familiar with any of these platforms? Have you been using any of these? Well, offers a free trial period for the customers to enjoy services for free for some time. Once you feel that this platform fulfills your needs, you can purchase the subscription.

How do these platforms allow you to stream videos without watching ads? It is because they don’t sell ads. Their revenue model is subscription-based leads. They upload licensed content and you may say that they sell you content instead of ads. So, you may watch a series without getting panicked by repetitive ads.

When it comes to choosing any such platform, remember to test those which come with free trials. You may say that are more transparent than others. At least they allow you to test their services.

There is another thing to consider as well – these platforms use the internet to connect servers and users. Don’t confuse these platforms like using a TV – without the internet. If you have a strong internet connection, you may enjoy services properly.

To buy the subscriptions, you may have to contact the company personally. Like other platforms, you cannot simply buy them online. The process may be most simple or most hard varying per platform. If you can afford it, it is the most effective solution. Well, they are not costly at all. It may cost you less than a bill for a dinner at a five-star hotel.

Take Away!

Time is precious and nobody likes to waste it watching useless ads. So, save your time and avoid headaches by subscribing to video streaming platforms. If something is puzzling your mind, ask in the comments.

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