The Crazy Adventures of Mystical Doctor 160


The crazy adventures of mystical doctor 160 is a fantasy manga series by Japanese author
Sima Youyue
. When her former life ended and she was reborn as a loser in a new world, she
decides to find her true calling in this strange new world. While searching for her real purpose,
she finds herself caught up in an incredibly bizarre plot line. The author makes a point of
exploring the psyche of her heroine, and readers will be rewarded with a fun, if bleak, fanciful,
and interesting tale.
Sima Youyue was reborn as a loser in a new world
“Have you ever been reborn as a loser in another world?” she asked herself. In the crazy
adventures of mystical doctor 160, Sima You Yue’s biological father left her an ancient artifact,
a product of the fusion of the Spirit Pearl and the Seven Layered Pagoda. The Yin Pearl allows
Sima You Yue to spend a day outside while she’s in the Yin Pearl. However, one day outside
the Yin Pearl is the equivalent of ten days in the Yin Pearl.
Her sex is another point of contention. Because of the prophecy, Sima You Yue is destined to
have better luck than the average person. Yet, her life will be more dangerous than others. In
order to avoid facing this ordeal, Sima You Yue disguises herself as a male because she is the
destined one. But, her identity is revealed in chapter 1109.
Sima You Yue spent half of a day taming the Beast King. But this delayed his departure for two
days. Meanwhile, the Beast King increased by one rank, becoming a Rank Five Divine Beast.
Its strength was around the level of the first ranked Spirit Paragon. While the Beast King was a
loser in the first world, he was already a mighty Spirit Lord.
When she dies, Sima You Yue enters the ghost world where she continues cultivating. At first,
she’s weak and vulnerable, but with time, she grows stronger and begins to master her skills.
The only downside is that she is no longer a human. This makes it easier for her to smelt
weapons for her new life.
The spirit beasts that are reborn in the world where she lives are called spirit beasts. They
compete to kill the most enemies. Sima You Yue’s family includes five brothers and sisters. His
eldest brother, Crimson Flame, is the strongest and most powerful of the spirit beasts. His
second brother, Mi Er, is the second brother. His sister, Little Dream, is the youngest.
The character has many strengths and weaknesses. Sima You Yue excels in most things. She
can see hidden emotions in people’s eyes, and she can deduce the hidden secrets through
clues. However, she has one notable weakness. She’s poor at embroidery, but she can refine
pills, tame spirit beasts, and set up arrays. Wu Lingyu’s cultivation level is higher than hers.
The cursed girl’s ancestors had a terrible reputation. In the ancestral hall, she recognized her
ancestors and received a mysterious bubble. She was also given a Heavenly mandate. The
light and dark attributes of Sima You Yue made her a very unique figure, and the mysterious
bubble she was born with gave her the power to destroy the world. Eventually, she became a
powerful idol in the Heavenly Sect.
But when she woke up, Sima You Yue was shocked to see Han Miao Shuang crying. The girl
had not been able to live with Jiang Jun Xian for so long.
Jiang Jun Xian had never revealed
his feelings to her and had never given up hope. But now that the girl had returned, Sima You
Yue had no choice but to forgive her.

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