The Ghostly Doctor – Chapter 205


After reading The Ghostly Doctor – Chapter 205, you’re probably wondering: what makes this
Doctor so great? Is it poison, assassination, or the hot springs? It’s all a little bit of both. In
this short article, we’ll find out. Besides, who wouldn’t want to soak in hot springs? The answer
will surprise you. After all, we’ve all had a day or two soaked in the hot springs, right?
Ghostly Doctor specializes in poison and assassination
The Ghostly Doctor is a mysterious character who specializes in assassination and poison.
Her real body was ruined in an accident and she was reborn in an almost human-like
disfiguration. Since she can’t return home to her family, she is compelled to seek revenge on
those who betrayed her. She also vows to take revenge on anyone who harmed her in life.
The Ghostly Doctor manga has a large number of chapters. It has 172 episodes so far. The
series has four main characters. Rain, Kim Bum, Uee, and Son Na-eun are all prominent
characters. The story revolves around a mystical disease and a phantom doctor. Ghost Doctor
aired on tvN on January 3, 2022 and is available on streaming services
After the incident, the ghost has retreated into the woods, surrounded by Qing Ge and her
team. As the ghost had set up a large barrier around them, they had trouble moving about. It
was in this state that Qing Ge and her team decided to take a break and regroup. However,
they were too numerous to move around and had to retreat. The Ghostly Doctor soon arrives
to save the day.
Ghostly Doctor soaking in hot springs
In the second episode of the novel, “The Ghostly Doctor”, we see the exiled deity Hell’s Lord
enjoying a bath, and the disfigured Ghostly Physician sitting next to him in the tub. As the two
share a bath, the deity smiles, opening his stride and walking towards the courtyard. The
Ghostly Doctor watches him in awe as Hell’s Lord sighs.

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