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If you’re curious to see what the top Google searches of 2020 were, look no further. The following list includes topics ranging from the Coronavirus to Zoom meetings, and Anti-racism to Elections. These top searches can be indicative of what the future may hold. But what really makes someone a top Google 2020 search? How do they find the information they need? And, if they don’t, how can you avoid being a top search result?


The coronavirus is among the top search topics globally in 2020. Search terms associated with the virus typically relate to information, although that can change as more people become sick and more places are put on lockdown. Coronavirus top Google searches around the world in 2020: “coronavirus” topped the charts in Serbia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Kiribati. In addition, “SARS-CoV-2” and “novel coronavirus” are among the most popular topics on Google.

Listed below are the top searches of 2020 by country. In order to see which topics are trending globally, use Google’s “Year in Search” tool. The list provides an overview of the year’s biggest moments. You can view the top searches by category to find out what’s trending in your region. Coronavirus and the U.S. presidential election both appeared on the list, and the search for “Kobe Bryant” was also among the most popular.

The coronavirus virus was identified in Wuhan, China, last December and has since spread throughout the world. Initially called “2019-nCoV”, the virus was declared a pandemic on March 11, 2020 and has already claimed over 3 million lives worldwide. The outbreak forced several countries to implement lockdowns and other measures to ensure public health. This outbreak has prompted people to seek information on how to deal with the coronavirus.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, there has been a marked increase in the number of insomnia search queries worldwide. As a result, this virus has affected the mental health of people around the world. It has even boosted the search volume for “insomnia” in the U.S. as well as other major sleep disorders. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try the COVID-19 search feature today.


US presidential election and coronavirus were among the most popular queries for the year 2020, with India’s Indian Premier League and Bihar elections also dominating searches. While the US Presidential Election topped searches around the world, the Indian Premier League was the most popular query for general news. Other major events that garnered interest included Beirut explosion, Nirbhaya case, and the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s last film. The most searched web series during this year included Bigg Boss 14 and Money Heist.

The US election results dominated Google’s global search trending lists this year. In the US, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were the most popular people to search for, while Donald Trump’s inauguration dominated the global search landscape. Deaths of Kobe Bryant, Chadwick Boseman, and Sushant Singh Rajput also dominated searches. Meanwhile, racial injustice was a popular topic, with searches for “black lives matter” and “how to vote fair” topping the list of most popular search terms.

While Google’s election-related searches are a fascinating study, they may not be indicative of how people actually feel. After all, the data is not a substitute for polling data, and it doesn’t correlate to voter intention. People can search for any number of reasons and have varying levels of interest. As a result, it is difficult to say how much influence Google can have on elections. It’s important to keep in mind the limitations of the data.

Other popular global searches included Coronavirus, Kobe Bryant, and CAA. Searches related to the election were common across categories, despite the fact that a lot of the queries focused on the American Presidential Election. The US stock market crash and the Australia fires also made the list. Despite all of these factors, election-related searches are unlikely to change in the coming years. These results may point to a shift in voter sentiment.

Zoom meetings

If you’re looking for the top Google 2020 searches, chances are you’ve come across Zoom. During its brief history, Zoom has become synonymous with web conferencing and online searches. At one point, it was virtually unknown to non-enterprise users, but after COVID-19’s virality, it has become an almost household name. The following are some of Zoom’s most notable features.

To use Zoom for a web conference, you need a computer or tablet located in the meeting room. The Zoom app lets you view meeting details and join the meeting using the meeting ID provided. Besides joining a meeting, you can also add participants, share your screen, or record the meeting. There are some hidden costs with Zoom, but these are usually minimal compared to other video conferencing options.

In addition to being the most popular search in the world, Zoom’s rapid growth surprised its creator, Eric Yuan. While the tool was originally designed for corporate use, its popularity quickly outstripped its intended purpose. Its ubiquity only made its problems worse. The company is now struggling to maintain the same level of quality while meeting the demands of business users. It is likely that Zoom’s success will ultimately depend on its ability to compete with its rivals.

As an example, Zoom’s name was among the top 10 worldwide searches for “zoom meetings” in the second quarter of 2017. In fact, the company’s product has become so popular that it is now one of the most profitable companies in the world. This popularity has spread as the number of employees working from home increased and video calls became the norm. In addition, Google Classroom helped educate millions of students.


The data visualization used for this article was generated by using Google Trends and translated the word “racism” into various languages. The individual points on the plot represent the standardized search interest for each country, and the thick line represents the mean interest across countries. The red shading indicates periods of higher interest on a standard deviation scale. Google does not provide raw search interest data, but instead normalizes it before it is released. Using the data collected from Google Trends, we can measure political interest across different languages and countries.

The search trends show that people in 2020 are seeking information to combat racism and inequity in all forms. While overt racism is visible and obvious, subtle manifestations of racism can be difficult to detect. This is why anti-racist websites and videos are among the top Google 2020 searches worldwide. People search for these topics to learn more about diversity and how to be a better ally. Google also reports that searches for “gender neutral pronouns” are at an all-time high.

It’s clear that the problem of racism is rooted in people. However, the solution to racism is to change these people, which starts with changing power and policies. And if we don’t change the power structure, the problem of racism will remain in place. The first step to doing this is incorporating anti-racist principles into our practices. Otherwise, we’ll be perpetuating the problems we have caused, not alleviating them.

Faculty and staff at Harvard University are integrating anti-racism content into their classes. Some of the members of the faculty anti-racism leadership group are even considering offering a seminar in sophomore level about race. The results of this work will be reported in the fall and spring 2020 semesters. So, you can see, there is no shortage of work to do. Anti-racism education is a growing global issue, and the University of Massachusetts is addressing this problem in a major way.

India-Australia cricket series

India’s passion for cricket is evident by the number of searches in the Year in Search list for the year 2021. The India-Australia and India-England cricket series are the most popular searches around the world, followed by the Euro Cup and Copa America. However, cricket is not the only sport that Indians love, with football and rugby series dominating global searches. A look at the top ten searches for 2021 reveals a trend that may be continuing for some time.

Australia vs India – Interestingly, only two tests of the entire tour took place in 2021, but the buzz around the matches was enormous. The search terms for “Australia vs India” included news stories about the match. There were also some interesting cricket-related searches for Mukesh Ambani, an Indian billionaire and chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd., India’s largest company by market value.

India’s love for cricket was demonstrated when the 13th edition of the IPL was played in the UAE despite the outbreak of COVID-19. While the IPL was being played in the UAE, Indians were still enthralled with the competition, with searches for the game rising by 28 per cent. Australia’s cricket team was also well represented, with Shreyas Iyer, and Chris Matthews on the list of top searches.

Despite the world’s pandemic, cricket was still a major source of elation in Pakistan, where six of the top trends were related to the game. The top cricket series in Pakistan was “Pakistan vs England,” while the third most popular trend was “Zimbabwe vs Pakistan.” The PSL 2020 tournament was also a popular search for 2021. It also featured the Pakistan Super League, which was launched this year.

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