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Trending Custom is the way brands consider the messages and offers they deliver. The
method predicts what is going to happen next and rewards consumers with its Loyalty
Program. Its data allows it to tailor its marketing to customer behaviors. Airlines use this
strategy to better understand and anticipate customer behavior. By capturing customer
feedback and analyzing trends, they can create more personalized experiences that will
delight customers. Read on to learn more about the benefits of Trending Custom.
Trending Custom is the way for brands to consider the
messages and offers they deliver
As a marketer, you need to think about the types of messages and offers you are sending to
your customers. Trending Custom is a way for brands to consider the messages and offers
they are delivering to their customers
, and make changes as necessary to meet those needs.
A good example of this is Chiara Ferragni, an influential fashion blogger. Chiara has become
increasingly popular as a brand ambassador, and you can see the results of her work by
visiting her blog.
It rewards customers with its Loyalty Program
The Loyalty Program at Sephora is an innovative and effective way of rewarding its customers.
Customers earn loyalty points by spending money, attending events, and sharing experiences.
Each customer is eligible for a different reward based on their level. The rewards are unique
and aimed at maximizing the emotional drivers of loyalty, such as surprise, happiness, and
anticipation. These factors are crucial to creating brand loyalty. Sephora’s Loyalty Program
includes three tiers
A member of the loyalty program receives exclusive offers and discounts for purchases made
at participating hotels. Members also earn points for completing services at the participating
hotel. This loyalty program encourages customers to return to the company to take advantage
of the rewards and climb up the loyalty ladder. Besides rewards and discounts, the program
also provides many other perks for loyal customers. The company has more than 19 million
members in its loyalty rewards program.
Sephora’s Beauty Insider program offers a tiered loyalty program with different rewards for
different customer types.
Members are required to sign up through email, but it allows Sephora
to target their emails with specific offers. Once a member, customers can redeem their points
for store credits, gift cards, and other rewards. Sephora even rewards higher-tier customers
with larger discounts during sales. But the loyalty program does not stop there.
Torrid’s Loyalty Program has a similar objective to the GM card: to maximize revenue and
engagement. Torrid’s Loyalty Program focuses on engaging top-funnel prospects and is
spending-based, so it rewards customers for high-effort actions such as product reviews.
Customers are rewarded with exclusive offers and coupons when they spend a certain amount
of money.
Customer loyalty programs can be effective in many ways. By providing freebies to customers,
businesses can reward them with increased spending. Customers who become members of a
loyalty program spend 18% more than non-members. Customers can redeem these gifts with
curbside pickup or online via the website. And because customers receive these gifts on a
regular basis, businesses can reap multiple benefits. If you want to create a customer loyalty
program that rewards customers, consider these three benefits:
In addition to rewarding customers for purchasing a product or service from a brand, loyalty
programs can be socially conscious. Most loyalty programs focus on sales and discounts, but
The Body Shop allows customers to donate their points to charity. Giving back to the
community can increase customer loyalty. In addition, loyalty programs can also help brands
engage in social causes, such as helping animals or children.
The body shop is also known for
their social responsibility, a social cause that is often at the heart of the company’s mission.

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