Trendsonic Neptune Casing Price in BD


If you are in the market for a new CPU cooler, you should definitely try out the ANTEC
. This model features a sleek, aluminum facade and a pump unit inside
the radiator housing. The near block is where the tubes come from, and measures
34x121x30mm. It costs around $300, so you can expect good quality cooling for the price.
Trendsonic neptune casing is made of aluminum with a low profile design. The front panel has
an aluminum face plate with a backlit Antec logo. The radiator and tubes are mounted on the
near block. The cooler comes with mounting hardware and includes a white Styrofoam pad.
The product is sold with a three-year warranty. In addition to this, it comes with an information
guide and user guide.
The Neptune 240 cooler is an all-in-one liquid CPU cooler. It features an integrated pump and
two 120mm fans with A-RGB lighting. This cooler is compatible with the Intel LGA 1200, AMD
FM2/AM3+, and AM4 sockets. The product is shipped in a cardboard box. It can be used with
an ASUS motherboard with lighting. The Trendsonic neptune 240 is also available for a price
of BDT 2,999.
ANTEC NEPTUNE 240 ARGB pump unit
If you are looking for a cooler for your computer, you can try the Antec Neptune 240 ARGB. It
is an all-in-one liquid CPU cooler that comes with an integrated pump and two 120mm fans.
The cooler also has a lighting controller. It supports the Intel LGA 1200 socket as well as the
AMD FM1/FM3+AM2+ sockets. It also supports ASUS motherboard lighting.
The Antec Neptune 240 ARGB cooler features a stylish aluminum facade and a built-in pump.
The pump unit is on the near block, which is where the radiator tubes come from. The cooler
also includes a white Styrofoam pad and mounting hardware. In addition, it comes with an
information and user guide. The Antec Neptune 240 ARGB is available for sale in Bangladesh
from leading retailers.
Antec Neptune 240 ARGB cooler
A review of the Trendsonic Neptune 240 ARG cooler by Antec is in order. This computer
cooling product is a 240 mm front-to-back liquid cooler that integrates the water pump and
radiator to minimize its volume when installed on the CPU. Its PTFE Teflon-coated tubes run a
maximum of 350mm in length and prevent corrosion. It is compatible with ARGB motherboards.
This 240mm CLC cooler is equipped with a 240mm radiator and two 120mm ARGB fans. The
cooler is compatible with Intel LGA 1200 and 1266 sockets, as well as AMD AM2/AM3+ and
xTR4 sockets
. Its flexible soft material tubing prevents kinking and is compatible with all four
major processor sockets. It also features a dual-fan design to provide a smoother airflow.

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