When a Villain Demands to Be Loved


When a villain demands to be loved, they make an attempt to achieve this by demonstrating an
underlying humanity. A moral pet, for instance, can help a heroic character feel sure that the
villain will not harm them. A heroic character might even protect the villain from other villains.
Other examples of this trope include: Love Redeems or Defects for Love. A villain who
demands to be loved may also be an Anti-Villain.
Subtextual villains
Most fictional characters have an inner void that is filled by their outer motivations. Usually,
these characters aren’t aware of this void and believe that their actions will provide
satisfaction. For example, a character who lacks self-esteem might compete in a contest to
prove his worth. A villain is rarely self-aware, so they avoid feeling the emotions that are a
mirror image of their past.

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