Why do you need to hire an immigration lawyer?


Immigration Lawyers are not usually required when you apply for an immigrant visa in the US or overseas. Individuals with no criminal record and who meet eligibility criteria do not require the assistance of a lawyer. However, for overseas visa applicants, the lawyers can only help you with the paperwork and don’t accompany you in consular interviews.

Well, you may require immigration lawyer assistance in many legal contexts – or it may end up saving time and aggravation by hiring one. Immigration law is complex, and it is administered by a bureaucracy that acquires far less control and public criticism than one might anticipate. This blog explores the 2 reasons (scenarios) that may urge you to hire a lawyer.

If you fail to make a decision

Take yourself as a skilled job applicant or an enterprise who desires to hire one. A worker may be eligible for many visas or forms of green cards, but determining which is the best or quicker is tricky. Hiring an immigration lawyer can assist both the employer and the employee in determining which visa best meets their needs and skills.

In family-based or other sorts of visa scenarios, similar complications may arise. Consider the scenario of an engaged couple. They may have the option of marrying first then applying for an immigrant visa (which grants them instant access to a green card) or applying for a K-1 fiance visa (which lets them enter the US to arrange a wedding and afterward apply for the green card).

If you want to hire overseas employees

Enterprise owners are not probably interested in messing up with immigration laws. Consider the scenario where you, being an employer, wants to sponsor a green card for an employee, which may necessitate fulfilling the PERM process. You may need to post ads for the job. This marketing will not be an easy task and only limited ads are accepted. The ads should be formally written and may associate with the need of defining timeframes and deadlines. It is quite easy to make a mistake as the PERM application is complicated. So, you should hire a lawyer as there lies no margin for any mistake. Making the slightest mistake may lead to rejection; even if it is a 1-cent difference in the employee pay.

Take Away!

The above-mentioned scenarios are only 2 of the many. If you are encountering delays in the acceptance of a visa, you may also need immediate help from a lawyer. You should consider that embassies don’t allow much interference but at least some things may get better. Visit online platforms like ranchodlaw.com where you get help relating to hiring an immigration lawyer.

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